The work

Bose, wall sinopia
...all the members of the community work...

All the members of the community work, earning their living with their own hands, just like everyone else, and following the example of the apostles and fathers.

Our community receives no financial assistance and lives entirely on what its members earn.

Nowadays as in the past, our work is therefore a professional work, done within the community as well as outside the community (teaching and hospital work) in the near town of Ivrea.

Through their work brothers and sisters serve both the community and the local churches, which often feel the need to walk for a while with the community on its way, seeking together with the community a deeper understanding of biblical and spiritual issues.

The community finds its roots in the local church in which the Lord has placed it and carries out a typically ecclesial ministry, both within its own diocese and in other local churches: spiritual retreats, courses on the Bible, preaching to lay people, catechists, priests, monks, nuns, missionaries...


"fatica inestinguibile
lottare contro i rovi in campo aperto:
ma se tu pianti alberi
questi crescendo
vinceranno i rovi

io non penso che basti
tutta la nostra fatica
a far nascere una rosa"

Domenico Ciardi, monk of Bose