Friend, guest or pilgrim

Bose, panoramic view of the monastery
...a quiet place to rest a while...

You may come to Bose for any number of reasons: to seek a quiet place to rest a while, a hill where you can pray, brothers and sisters with whom to discover a life in communion, a place to listen to God’s Word, a place of silence ...

The community asks nothing of you, but invites you to listen, transform your worries into concern for others, and seek peace. Here you have the opportunity to reflect on your life, to take part in the community’s prayer and praise of God, and to listen to the One who has led you to this secluded place, this silent spiritual desert, to speak to your heart. You also have the chance to talk with others about your church and social commitments. During the community’s work hours, you may find that you feel alone: these times are opportunities to meet Christ in peace and silence.

Do not fear hours of solitude: the church is always open for silent prayer, and in the courtyard there is a reading room called Emmaus where you can find books. Please help us maintain a climate of silence in the community, and refrain from coming to visit us while we are working.

Here you will meet Christians of different confessions and traditions, people who are not Christian but may be involved in social and political dialogue, and men and women whose lifestyles you may not agree with. Try to see Christ’s face in them, never do anything to hurt anyone, and listen to each one of them until you are able to discern the flame that burns in each person. The guests you meet here are your brothers and sisters, and if you listen to them, you will not find them so different that they seem adversaries.

We do not demand anything in return for your stay, because we do not want anyone to be excluded for economic reasons. However, since the community receives no financial assistance and lives entirely on the income derived from its members’ work, if you are able to, please leave an anonymous contribution to cover the expenses of your stay in one of the two boxes provided.

Peace and joy!

the brothers and sisters of Bose